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The most effective radiator reflector on the market 


A revolutionary energy saving radiator reflector that 

reflects 95% of the wasted heat energy radiated 

from the rear of the radiator back into your room. 


Save money Cut your heating bills 

Quick & easy to fit Heat loss reduced by 45% 

No DIY skills needed  


Radflek can pay for itself in about a year


What is Radflek? 

Radflek is a revolutionary energy saving radiator reflector that reflects 95% of the wasted heat energy radiated from the rear of a radiator back into your room. 

Reduce your energy bills with Radflek 

Radflek is a laminated aluminium foil with a long lasting coating that prevents oxidation and preserves its high reflectivity. With Radflek, less energy is needed to heat the room to your desired temperature and so your energy bills will be less. Radflek is at least 23% more efficient than any saw-toothed reflector and will pay for itself in about a year 


Easy to install 

No need for removal of radiators, professional installers, or any sticking to the wall – Radflek just hangs from the wall brackets behind the radiator. Disappears from view once installed. Installation is quick and simple, only taking minutes - anyone can do it! 


It takes no energy to save energy! 

Radflek only takes minutes to fit 

No sticking to the wall 

No radiator removal 

No DIY know-how needed 

No major maintenance required - just occasional dusting to maintain best reflectivity 

Radflek is designed to hang behind radiators, so that there is a small air gap either side of the Radflek sheet 

Full instructions for installation of either wall mounted or floor mounted radiators installation can be downloaded below 

For low mounted radiator brackets, close together radiator brackets, floor mounted radiators, curved radiators or extra-long radiators please refer to our questions? for installation solutions 




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