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Pet fence park

Brand:Tsianakas Constructions
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Dog training parks are a necessary training aid for your dog's first steps. It consists of frames of dimensions 100Χ100cm, which are joined as you wish and you shape the surface and the shape you want. Square, hexagon, octagon, rectangle.

The boxes you can buy to create the space you want are:

Frame 100X100 cm, as many pieces as you like

Frame with Door 100Χ100cm, as many pieces as you wish

Usefulness of the park:

Educate your dog to learn not to walk free in your home and dirty everywhere.

Dogs need rules, structure and routine just like kids! Letting a puppy free to go where he wants inside the house even when we are not there is not just dangerous (cables, cleaners, damages etc) but mainly hurts the dog's balance and education!

Helps the dog understand the meaning of the limits!

The cage is basically his home. There is a dog can rest, can eliminate his anxiety when he is scared or upset and can feel comfortable when something strange happens at home.

You can transfer it easily

The cage you choose should be large enough to allow the dog to stand up, to walk comfortably and to lie comfortably as it suits it.


Galvanized tube Φ21 / 1,3mm

Rigid mesh 3mm, mesh 50x100mm

Metal joint of the frames

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